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Our philosophy is to create the best team for the best result.  Accept nothing less. Receptionists It begins with your first contact which is usually via our highly professional receptionists supervised by Ann, our office manager of 18 years medical practice experience. You will be provided with all the information required to make your experience seamless and it will be provided in a clear and concise manner. Clinical Nurse Consultants (CNC) With a  minimum of 20 years cardiac and vascular hospital experience you will feel confident that your needs and general questions are being dealt with thoroughly.  The basic preliminary assessment is made by the CNC including computer data input, blood pressure measurements and a 12 lead ECG so the consultation with the specialist can deal with the important issues that concern you. Your nurse will flag important areas you may need special clarification on when you see the Doctor. She will also make sure all the information is available for your consultation so you get the most out of the experience. If you require a cardiac or vascular hospital procedure such as a stent she will often be Dr Sharpe’s scrub nurse so will be very familiar with your case. Your operative result is not only reliant on Dr Sharpe’s skill but also dependant on his support staff. Dr Sharpe Trained in all facets of cardiac and endovascular medicine, including all interventions, Dr Sharpe will listen, assess and explain all your options including expected outcomes and risks. Further tests may be required before a definitive management plan can be recommended. Technicians Our echocardiographers are fully qualified with tertiary credentials and are of the highest standard with a wide variety of experience in adult tertiary centres and private practice Our vascular technician is a registered cardiac and catheter laboratory nurse qualified in vascular ultrasound and regularly lectures in cardiovascular ultrasound.  Clinical Psychologist Occasionally, a patient may need extra support when coming to terms with an illness, or require counselling and treatment of various psychological conditions impeding their recovery such as anxiety disorder or depression. This service is available on site and provided by a mature, very respected and highly qualified clinical psychologist. Dietician A cornerstone of treatment is good dietary advice for prevention of further events which can be accessed on-site.
Associate Professor Ross Sharpe MBBS, FRACP: Cardiac and Endovascular Interventionalist Dr Ross Sharpe has been a consultant cardiologist and endovascular interventionalist for 15yrs, working on the Gold Coast until 2007. During 2008 Dr Sharpe underwent advanced training in Newcastle, NSW, Leipzig, Germany and Dallas, USA.  He returned to the Gold Coast in 2009, opening his new practice at 2 Drury Ave, Southport. His vision- to create a high quality, holistic and all encompassing cardiovascular practice in a unique, pleasant and non-threatening environment.  Dr Sharpe and his team provide expert consultative, diagnostic, medical and invasive solutions for the simple to the most complex cardiovascular problem.  The aim is to improve prognosis and quality of life with the least disruption to the patient, patient's family and lifestyle. Daniel Traves DMU (Vasc) AMS BN GDipN RN Pulsewave Diagnostics Dan Traves is a qualified vascular sonographer with special interests in education, stroke, and advanced arterial disease. For the last 5 years he has spent time training at the Royal Brisbane Hospital and has further honed his skills working in the private sector. He has been performing highly specialised vascular and cardiovascular ultrasound here on the Gold Coast since 2007. Dan also has over 10 years background experience as a critical care registered nurse; having worked in large tertiary hospitals in Queensland and the United Kingdom in a variety of clinical specialties including trauma/cardiothoracic intensive care, coronary care, hyperbaric medicine and cardiac catheter laboratory. Dan shares Dr Sharpe's holistic care philosophy incorporating this with his broad range of knowledge and skills, allowing him to communicate effectively with his patients and other health care providers. Jamie Malone - Cardiac Sonographer - BHSc.GDip. Cardiac Ultrasound Malone Sonography Jamie Malone studied at Griffith University and graduated with a Bachelor in Health Science, he continued his education by gaining a Graduate Diploma in Cardiac Ultrasound at QUT.  This course required extensive on the job practical experience, along with comprehensive theoretical education via external course work.  Jamie gained this valuable experience on the Gold Coast with the guidance of Dr Ross Sharpe.  To further his knowledge and experience, Jamie travelled to the UK working in a number of hospitals, the principal of which was the Royal Brompton Hospital, which has the well deserved reputation as the top Cardiac Centre in England.  Jamie returned to Australia in mid 2010, working this time at Dr Ross Sharpe's sole practice at Sharpe Cardiology in Southport.  He is registered with the Australian Sonography Accreditation Registry and is a member of the Australian Sonography Association Anne "Simi" Simmonds R.N. Kerry Seymour Kerry Seymour is the Secretary for Sharpe Cardiology.  She provides efficient secretarial support to all other members of the team assisting with effective, timely communication with patients and other health care providers.  Previously, Kerry was self-employed, running a successful business in the interior decorating industry / building industry. Kerry shares the philosophy of holistic care assisting in the creation of a pleasant caring environment for all patients and staff members.
More about Associate Professor Ross Sharpe A consultant cardiologist for 12 years on the Gold Coast, Dr Sharpe resigned from the Gold Coast Heart Centre in December 2007 to pursue further studies returning with a vision- to create a high quality, holistic and all encompassing cardiovascular practice. He was chairman of cardiovascular services at The Allamanda Hospital for 10 years and responsible for the setting up and the implementation of cardiac services at the Allamanda Hospital including providing heart attack Interventions and was on call 24/7 for 7 years. He takes part in live cases demonstrations in specialist conferences and is on various organising committees for specialist conferences. He has always stayed abreast of the latest developments in cardiac and endovascular medicine. Every year he visits a world class centre at the cutting edge of new technologies to implement them locally. Most recently this was to introduce  advanced below-the knee interventions including retrograde pedal revascularisation of blocked arteries in the leg to prevent amputations and heal foot ulcers in diabetics. Dr Sharpe’s particular area of interest lies with the assessment and closure of atrial septal defects (ASD) and patent foramen ovale (PFO) and how they relate to stroke/TIA and severe migraine. He has a very high success rate for cure of severe migraine with aura by closing a patients PFO. The benefits of PFO closure for the treatment of migraine and stroke have been known for some time, but still require further large carefully structured clinical trials. To learn more about Dr Sharpe’s  treatment of migraine with aura click through to the migraine page. Dr Sharpe opened his new practice on the Gold Coast in 2009 after a 1 year absence following further advanced endovascular specialist training in Leipzig Germany and Dallas USA.  Fellow of the Australasian College of Physicians with credentialing in cardiology by the Specialist Advisory Committee – 1997 Partner of Gold Coast Heart Centre 1999- 2007 He is the first to be awarded recognition by the Conjoint Committee for Training in Endovascular Therapies (Australasian Colleges of Surgeons, Physicians and Radiologists) in 2007. Registered by NSW and QLD Medical Boards Trained in all diagnostic cardiac and vascular procedures service including clinical consultation, diagnostic testing and interventional services Fully credentialled by John Flynn, Allamanda & Pindara Private Hospitals; Lake Macquarie and Newcastle Private Hospitals. Providing super-specialist services to regional QLD and NSW including Newcastle and Greater Hunter, Lismore, Ballina, Maclean and Yamba. Married to Vanessa with 2 children. Helicopter and fixed wing Pilot, Scuba Diver, Cyclist, Skier For more information, contact Sharpe Cardiology via info@sharpecardiology.com.au