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Our philosophy is to create the best team for the best result.  Accept nothing less. Receptionists It begins with your first contact which is usually via our highly professional receptionists. You will be provided with all the information required to make your experience seamless and it will be provided in a clear and concise manner. Clinical Nurse Consultants (CNC) With a  minimum of 20 years cardiac and vascular hospital experience you will feel confident that your needs and general questions are being dealt with thoroughly. The basic preliminary assessment is made by the CNC including computer data input, blood pressure measurements and a 12 lead ECG so the consultation with the specialist can deal with the important issues that concern you. Your nurse will flag important areas you may need special clarification on when you see the Doctor. She will also make sure all the information is available for your consultation so you get the most out of the experience. If you require a cardiac or vascular hospital procedure such as a stent she will often be Dr Sharpe’s scrub nurse so will be very familiar with your case. Your operative result is not only reliant on Dr Sharpe’s skill but also dependant on his support staff. Dr Sharpe Trained in all facets of cardiac and endovascular medicine, including all interventions, Dr Sharpe will listen, assess and explain all your options including expected outcomes and risks. Further tests may be required before a definitive management plan can be recommended. Technicians Our echocardiographers are fully qualified with tertiary credentials and are of the highest standard with a wide variety of experience in adult tertiary centres and private practice Our vascular technician is a registered cardiac and catheter laboratory nurse qualified in vascular ultrasound and regularly lectures in cardiovascular ultrasound.  Clinical Psychologist Occasionally, a patient may need extra support when coming to terms with an illness, or require counselling and treatment of various psychological conditions impeding their recovery such as anxiety disorder or depression. This service is available on site and provided by a mature, very respected and highly qualified clinical psychologist. Dietician A cornerstone of treatment is good dietary advice for prevention of further events which can be accessed on-site.