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Frequently asked questions

Sharpe Cardiology and Endovascular opening hours


Office hours :-

Monday to Thursday 9.00am – 4:30pm Friday 8.30am – 2.30pm

Echocardiography and Vascular Ultrasound are available on site. 

These services are provided by Dan Traves (Pulsewave Diagnostics) and Matthew Morrall (MRM Sonography).  They are independent accredited diagnostic imaging providers.  Patients can be assured that these services are of a high quality and as such maintain the levels of excellence provided by Sharpe Cardiology and Endovascular.

What patients must bring to their consultation

1. GP referral 2. Completed Patient Information Form. (For migraine sufferers please click here and fill out this additional form) 3. List of all current medications including strength, dosage, health supplements and ‘over the counter’ medications Consultations are by appointment only.  There is always a provision made for urgent consultations.

Billing arrangements : 

Sharpe Cardiology and Endovascular is not a bulk billing practice.  Consultations for all patients will incur fees, although our fees are always less than AMA recommendations.  DVA will be direct billed.  Pension card holders will pay a reduced fee. Our fees reflect the quality of our service and vary according to the complexity of the consultation and if additional tests are required. Exact fees can be obtained by contacting the office staff. Payment is on the day of service.  Cheques and credit cards are accepted including AMEX. EFTPOS is available. Hospital procedures will often require a gap prepayment prior to booking and full financial consent will always be provided. Often because of the dynamic nature of the procedure an exact fee is not always available, however, an estimate of fees is always given prior to each hospital procedure. There are some procedures that are so new and on the cutting edge that the Health Insurance Commission have not created a rebate number. This means there is no rebate.  You will always be advised if this is the case. Ancillary services such as counselling may be rebatable on provision of a Managed Care Plan from your General Practitioner. Please remember that the Federal Governments ‘Medicare Safety Net’ offers financial assistance to individuals and families to help cover up to 80% of out-of-pocket non-hospital medical expenses incurred; such as consulting fees, ultrasounds, X-rays and other tests (after reaching certain claim thresholds). For more information about the Medicare Safety Net click here.  In hospital  procedures At the time of booking a procedure, a written estimate will be provided to the patient.  It is expected that prior to the date of the procedure, any calculated gap difference will be paid to Sharpe Cardiology and Endovascular.  Where possible, the remainder of the account will be lodged electronically with Medicare and the relevant Health Fund.  Where this is not possible, the account will be forwarded to the patient for payment.