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Specialist services available:-

Advanced cardiac procedures and interventions

alcohol septal ablation ASD/PFO closure coronary flow wire/ functional flow reserve left atrial appendage closure valvuloplasty  

Coronary flow wire/ functional flow reserve (FFR)

This is highly sensitive test performed at the time of your coronary angiogram to assess whether a plaque that looks suspicious  on the x-ray dye images is really causing a flow restriction. A special pressure sensitive wire is passes through the blockage and a medication is given to dilate the coronary arteries (basically a chemically induced exercise stress test). If the stenosis is significant there will be a pressure drop beyond the blockage. Though this test is not required for all coronary stenting procedures it helps Dr Sharpe determine whether stenting is the best treatment option for you. The procedure takes an additional 15-20 minutes to complete at the time of your procedure.