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Specialist services available:-

Cardiovascular consultations cardiac risk assessment cardiomyopathies chest pain assessment murmur and valve assessment pacemaker testing TIA/ stroke assessment and intervention migraine assessment and intervention decompression illness related to ASD/PFO PFO screening for commercial/ military and advanced recreational divers non healing diabetic foot ulcers claudication and critical limb ischaemia hypertension management - renal artery disease telemedicine/telehealth video consults for rural and remote patients

Telemedicine/ Telehealth

Telehealth gives Australians living in rural, remote and outer metropolitan locations greater access to a range of subsidised consultations with GPs and specialists. It bridges the distance between people living in rural or remote Australia with specialist healthcare in a capital city, delivering real-time health consultations online. The specialist scheme commenced in July 2011, and Dr Sharpe has been providing these consultations to patients and their GP’s since that time. Sharpe Cardiology uses  as a simple and effective internet based service that most people have access to on their own home computers, tablets, and smartphones. The service is preferably performed with your GP present, so in most cases this is done at your local doctors clinic. All you need is a reliable internet connection, a computer, laptop or tablet device that has a webcam and microphone and the skype program which is free to download and use. If you are a rural GP or a rural patient and wish to take advantage of this service please contact us and we can arrange a suitable time. Medicare rebates apply both for patient and your local doctor.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the delivery of Medicare-funded health services using different forms of communications technology. Telehealth can be as simple as two doctors discussing a patient’s health on the phone, or as advanced as a doctor and patient hundreds of kilometres apart using webcams for an internet consultation. Video-conferencing is one of the main ways in which telehealth is improving access to healthcare services for patients who live in regional, rural and remote areas. Instead of having to travel to the nearest major city to see a specialist, an increasing number of patients are using video- conferencing. This facility might be offered by their GP clinic or another local healthcare venue. Medicare-funded telehealth services are also available to residents of eligible aged-care homes and to patients of Aboriginal Medical Services across Australia. The Australian Government has provided $620 million for the national telehealth initiative, a key part of the National Digital Economy Strategy. Telehealth will also be boosted by the National Broadband Network enhanced technology as the network is progressively rolled out. If you live in a regional, rural or remote area and think you could benefit from telehealth, have a talk to your GP. For more information on Telehealth and the Australian Governments ‘National Health Reform’, please click on the following links for patients for doctors