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If your doctor has referred you to Sharpe Cardiology and Endovascular for assessment of chest pain, please make this clear when calling for an appointment. Chest pain can occur for a variety of reasons. To investigate we may need to perform an ECG (electrical recording of your heart), an echocardiogram or a cardiac stress test. Information on these tests can be found on the SERVICES page of this website. Dr Sharpe has provided the following guidelines for existing patients. Please take note of the following instructions, you may wish to print it out. IF THIS PAIN IS NEW TO YOU OR YOU DO NOT FEEL WELL, PLEASE RING THE AMBULANCE SERVICE ON 000, AND TELL THEM YOU HAVE CHEST PAIN.


Chest pain can present in different ways such as radiating pain in the neck, throat, jaw, arms, wrists or back. If chest pain occurs, immediately stop the activity you are doing, rest and sit down. Administer short acting nitrates. You may be prescribed Anginine tablets or Nitrolingual spray. Always take as prescribed by your doctor. Anginine Tablets – Take ½ to 1 tablet beneath your tongue or in the cheek and allow it to dissolve, do not swallow as it will be ineffective. (Discard the bottle 3 months after opening) If pain persists, repeat dose in 5 minutes. Nitrolingual Spray- Ensure the pump spray is primed first. Then spray directly under your tongue. Do not inhale and avoid swallowing for a short time immediately after. If pain persists, have another spray in 5 minutes. No more than 2 metered doses are recommended in total. Administer aspirin (300mg) unless contraindicated. IF CHEST PAIN IS NOT COMPLETELY RELIEVED IN 10 to 15 MINUTES CALL AN AMBULANCE ON  000 AND ADVISE THEM OF THE STEPS YOU HAVE JUST TAKEN If nitrates are NOT prescribed, STOP, REST and if pain is not relieved in 2 to 5 minutes CALL AN AMBULANCE and advise them you have chest pain.